Annalisa Carli

Architect and interior designer who has always been passionate about art, fashion and music. Graduated at the Politecnico di Milano in 1997 and subsequently obtained the qualification for professional practice. For years she collaborated with various architectural firms including the studio of the Italian-Argentine architect Fernando Cesar Mosca where she learns to develop and understand her creativity and her practical and functional sense. In 2001 she founded her own studio. The attention to spaces, the use of simple shapes, color and light are the elements that characterize her projects that arise from the fusion of accessories arranged according to the canons of harmony and functionality. The design approach belongs first of all to the creative sphere in which imagination, feeling, needs and technique come together in a set of graphic – descriptive schemes capable of interpreting and satisfying the customer’s needs. The home is our “safe haven” is the place where we relax and strengthen ourselves, it reflects who we are, our values ​​and our soul.
In 2017 the first publication in a furniture magazine and later on blogs, national and international architecture sites. The phrase that most represents it is by Frank Lloyd Wright “One thing only happens if you really believe in it, and it is believing in it that makes it happen”.