The digital fresco is more and more used by architects and designers to create spectacular settings. Imagination and fantasy now have a new tool to reach highly qualitative results in terms of colours and resistance.

With the digital decorative fresco tecnique, it is possible to decorate any kind of wall surface by transferring inks from paper to wall. The tecnique has been used on many different kind of surfaces and furniture, but has more largely been adopted to decorate plaster walls, raw cement, bricks and others.

suitable areas

The lightness of the transferred pigment allows you to perceive the texture of the background by simulating a real fresco.
Its versatility allows it to be used on surfaces of any shape: flat or curved walls and ceilings, vaults, domes, corners and edges.
The peculiarity of the fresco is that it can be restored if it is damaged over time.

The digital fresco installation requires qualified installers, the particularity of the material makes it possible not to have visible joints despite covering very large surfaces. During the execution the installer presses with specific brushes, which make the pigment adhere to the surface. A subsequent protection based on resin guarantees maximum sealing and possibly waterproofing.

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